Back soon.

Hi. Over the past four years we had the extreme privilege to push the boundaries of hospitality on three continents. The Economist experienced "unfailing enthusiasm" and the New York Times called us "a moment long in the making". More than 4000 people lived with us; some for days, some for years, some were over 80 years old, and some toddlers. Some were a bit lost and some knew exactly what they wanted.

But what united us all is the overwhelming conviction that we want to live a certain way: under a shared roof, fiercly private as needed, but with more opportunity to be social. To meet people we wouldn't have otherwise, and their differences in opinion, to be there for each other, or just feast with strangers we learned to trust.

Unfortunately, as it turned out long before COVID, leasing buildings in exceedingly expensive cities at what is most likely already the tail end of an economic and weird cultural boom, and running them at a loss backed by speculative capital is, well, not a good long-term business to be in. That's why we're taking the year off and converting the idea of Roam into a broadly owned real-estate company. We could go on forever about the details and our plans, and will do so soon here and over at Purpose Trust.

If you loved our former buildings and their locations, you can now book them via Sonder (San Francisco), Selina (Miami), Outpost (Ubud), Collective (London), or OYO (Tokyo), with Manhattan to be decided soon.

But if you also think that sharing flawless remote work and living spaces in unexpected places is interesting: you'll absolutely love the next generation of Roams.

Hope to see you there, stay safe and all the best in the meantime.